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Traditional Waxing

Traditional Waxing

This is a technique that is gradually less available in most salons today, but in my opinion, it is still far better than using the popular "strip waxing" or cold waxing.

It is probably more expensive and time consuming for the operator, but the results are so superior that I refuse to cut corners.

The more popular wax is in fact not wax at all but a sticky substance that adheres to the skin, and the hair and the strip of cloth or paper, takes it all off.

The problem with this is that it unnecessarily drags the skin, affecting delicate blood vessels on the surface. Sensitive and fragile skins can be quite traumatized and I have seen bruising and even burns with this method.

It is also more painful and it has a tendency to snap the hair at the surface, and not pulling it out from the root. This means that the hair will grow back quicker, almost as it has been shaved. There are fantastic beauty therapists that work well with this method, but sadly, I have seen and heard of many unsatisfactory results.

Why does Traditional Waxing hurt less?

It is not hot as the name implies, but a warm comfortable temperature. It is applied thickly, which creates a warming effect on the skins surface. This in turn causes the "arrector pili" muscle to relax. This is a tiny trigger at the base of the follicle that allows your hair to stand on end when you are cold. When the skin is cold, this muscle grips the hair tightly, when the skin is warmed up, it is released, making it easier for the hair to slide out, with less chance of breakage, and much less pain.

I get so much pleasure when I introduce this technique to my new first time traditional waxing clients. They can't believe how pleasant waxing can be!

My clients also get at least 2-3 weeks of hair free time when they change over to my system.

For people with strong, thick dark hair, this is ideal because the wax only sticks to the hair, not the skin, removing the whole hair, roots and all, with so much less irritation to the skin.

For delicate areas, like brazilian waxing, it is far safer and gentler.

Waxing need not be a stressful and traumatic experience ever again!