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There are many factors that contribute to a worthwhile facial. After so many years of experience, I feel that I have attained the necessary understanding of what those factors are.

FIRSTLY, having a facial is a beautiful way to relax and nurture your mind, body and soul. It is a wonderful way of giving back to yourself and an opportunity to escape the realities of a busy life. It can be a form of meditation, a time to re-charge and rejuvenate.

At Beauty on Kingsway, I have created an ambient atmosphere, which allows you to step away from the outside world and go inwards, to unwind and release all inner tension.

SECONDLY, It is important to tune in to my clients needs. Some people just want to drift away, others need to “pick my brain” and ask lots of questions.

Whatever the motivation for a facial, it is vital that I know instinctively how to respond.

The quality of skincare products is also imperative. About 15 years ago, I discovered an amazing cosmeceutical brand in San Francisco and have been using it with astonishing results, on my clients and myself.

Every ingredient, even the preservatives are made from plants. The product is called G2 and I incorporate it in all my facials.

What happens in a facial?

The Pure Indulgence Facial

This is the ultimate classic European de luxe facial. It’s all about relaxing, indulging and boosting hydration of the epidermis, a vital component to healthy skin.

After settling in comfortably, I offer a complimentary eyebrow shape, which is optional. I cleanse the skin thoroughly with micro-cleanse and lotion with micro-tone. An enzymatic exfoliant is then massaged into the skin and neck for about 15 minutes. The enzymes come from a product that I sourced from Hawaii and is made of paw -paw and Pineapple. It is highly effective yet gentle, dissolving dead and flaky skin on the surface.

Exfoliation is a vital step in good skincare as it then allows much greater absorbency of other nutrients into the skin.

This is followed by a luxurious massage of the face and décolletage area for around 20 minutes. I use different blends of essential oils and serums, depending on the clients’ needs and skin type.

I finish off with a customized mask that leaves the skin radiant and calm.

I allow over 1 hour for this treatment. See prices

The Deep Cleansing Facial

This is the one for you if you have trouble with blackheads, Whiteheads (Milia) and congested pores.

There is a similar structure to this facial, except that the massage is replaced by expert and careful extraction of impurities. This is a highly skilled technique that I have mastered over the years, and that leaves the skin quite calm with no long term healing required.

I also use the high frequency machine, which is an effective disinfectant and healing device. See prices

MFA peels (Multi Fruit Acid)

MFA peels are made up of a group of fruit acids derived from sugar cane (glycolic acid), apples, grapes and citrus. Collectively, they are known as Alpha Hydroxy Acids or AHAs.

There are many peels on the market, but many of them are synthetic, made from chemicals, which can have side effects, such as redness, peeling, burning and irritation. There are no adverse reactions with my peels. The skin is left cool to the touch, smoother, lighter, brighter and glowing. Gradual improvement is visible with every treatment. It can be used for many different skin problems such as, sun damaged, leathery skin, oily blemished skin, even normal, healthy skins can benefit, giving the skin a fresh, dewy look. See prices

How do AHAs Work?

  • They dissolve the chemical bonds of the glue-like substance that holds dead skin cells together.
  • They speed up the natural exfoliation process, therefore enabling the new healthy cells to come to the surface. As we age, this cell renewal process starts to slow down, which can lead to congestion and a dull, matt complexion.
  • By removing this dead layer, the skin increases its ability to retain moisture and absorb nutrients.
  • They gradually thin the stratum corneum, (surface layer), which stimulates collagen and elastin production, creating a firmer, more youthful appearance.
  • Very importantly, unlike Retin A, they are not associated with birth defects, do not create fragile capillaries, nor do they hyper-sensitize the skin to the sun. In fact, they build up the skins’ SPF, which makes the skin more resistant to sun burn.
  • They remove the stained or pigmented cells that can occur after a breakout or pregnancy.
  • They can dislodge blackheads and impurities and prevents their formation, so very beneficial for oily skins.

I consider this treatment to be the most effective way of visibly improving the skin. The results are immediate, however, when regularly administered, on a weekly basis, (5-10) treatments, the improvements are profound and long term. I have worked with this product, which has been especially formulated in America to my specifications, for many years now and have seen brilliant results.

Many women have come to me with a form of adult acne, which is very difficult to clear up. It is caused by hormonal disturbances, brought on my stress. It presents as blind lumps around the chin, jaw line and neck. These lumps can be itchy, usually just annoying because they don’t seem to clear up easily.

A course of glycolic peel not only clears these congested lumps, (in conjunction with deep cleaning facials that involve extractions), but keeps them at bay.

What to expect

These peels have a ph of 1.9, which means that on the acid scale, they are quite strong. This is why it is important to prepare the skin before any treatment can be administered. I recommend that my clients use the starter pack for TWO WEEKS prior. This pack contains the day cream, MICRO-REPAIR, night cream, MICRO-EXFOLIARE. I also include a free cleanser and lotion. The night cream contains a milder dose of the AHAs, ensuring the skins ability to adapt and respond favourably to the stronger dosage in the salon treatments.

The skin will appear lighter in colour, smoother in texture and softer to the touch, immediately after a peel. You will also notice that it will have a fresher appearance, as the light will reflect off the skin, not be absorbed by it.

Over the next few days, there could be slight flakiness, especially if there is a lot of build- up of dead skin on the surface. With regular peels, this will occur less, as there is less dead skin to remove. It just becomes all about maintaining the freshness.

In the case of oily, problem skins, there could be a slight breakout after a peel. I see this as quite positive as oily skins tend to be sluggish and sebum can congest the pores and create problems. The peels activate the skin again and create movement so there could be an expulsion of old sluggish matter that needs to come out. The up side is that healing occurs faster as well, so the skin will clear up at a faster rate, and the congestion finally can be relieved.

Believe me, these peels are addictive. The results are so visible; you won’t want to neglect your skin ever again!

  • The skin is thoroughly cleansed, followed by a lotion
  • The MFA treatment is then brushed on, covering the whole face and neck
  • It is left on the skin anywhere from 20 seconds to 3 minutes, depending on the skin type and tolerance level
  • The treatment, all up, takes about 20 minutes of your time, but the results are far-reaching

IPL Facials

I am excited to introduce the latest technology in IPL. This medical grade aesthetic technology uses the combination of light and bi-polar radio frequency to precisely target and change hair follicles as well as improve the appearance of almost every skin type. It's pain free, effective and versatile.

The BreitRF+ system has a skin rejuvenation mode which allows for a number of treatments that works best when wanting to enhance, boost and improve collagen production, tighten and firm the skin, reduce wrinkles and triple the effectiveness of salon topical facials, masks and peels Here is a list of what is possible with the SKIN REJUVENATION mode:

  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • Tighten and firm facial skin
  • Immediately smooth skin texture
  • Improve skin elasticity
  • Boost effectiveness of products
  • Improve sun damage
  • Reduce and eliminate acne, cystic acne and hormonal blemishes
  • Reduce the appearance of acne scars
  • Stimulate and boost collagen production
  • Decrease enlarged facial pore size

The BreitRF+ system also has a VASCULAR REPAIR MODE which assists in:

  • Diffusing facial redness
  • Promoting even skin tone
  • Clearing Rosacea
  • Reducing facial flushing
  • Reducing appearance of sunspots , birthmarks, pigmentation and spider veins.