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Unwanted hair is the bain of many peoples' lives, and in the last 25 years, I have helped restore confidence to countless women and men.

The method that I have perfected over the years is Thermolysis, which comes under the generic term of Electrolysis. This involves inserting a very fine, (disposable) probe into the space that is a follicle and releasing a small amount of current, (heat), which cauterizes the Papilla. The Papilla is situated at the base of the follicle and provides the hair with its blood supply. Without the papilla, the hair will eventually die. It will take quite a few treatments to finally "kill off" the hair because the papilla is resilient and can regenerate if not completely treated. That is why it is important that once you have made the decision to undertake the treatment, you keep at it regularly.

It is very encouraging because results start quite quickly and it is obvious that the hair is slowly losing its strength, vigour and grows back slower with each treatment, and eventually stops growing permanently. With regular treatment, any hairs that cause embarrassment can be treated.

Electrolysis ideal for areas such as:

  • eyebrows
  • upper and lower lip
  • chin and neck
  • breasts
  • underarms
  • fine blonde, downy hair
  • coarse, dark and grey hair

Does it hurt?

I won't say its painless, but the discomfort is so quick and short lived that most people cope very well. I have observed over the years that the more a person is negatively affected by their hair problem, the less they mind the discomfort of electrolysis. They see it as a positive step to overcoming their issues of confidence which allows them to relax. It is one of the most satisfying treatments that I offer because I have seen people blossom when their hair is disappearing. Their self-esteem gets such a boost that it is very exciting for me.

What to expect after treatment

Initially, the area treated will be a little red for at least half an hour. It could also be a little puffy, which is common and quite normal. It's just the skins way of cooling the area.

If new to the treatment, the area affected, could have a minor break-out. This is called folliculitis. This can occur in more oily skins. It quickly clears up as it is superficial and the skin fully recovers in a few days. Folliculitis is a reaction to our own natural bacteria that is always found in the skin. Any disturbance or trauma to the skin can result in a flare up, but I find that eventually, the skin will register that it no longer needs to be traumatized and gets used to the treatment without any problems thereafter.

Some people can experience tiny, superficial scabs on the treated skin, but again, they fall away and disappear within a few days.

Keeping the treated area free of make-up for a few hours afterwards is advisable.